'Libertati Amicitiae Que Sacra'

The Club is an informal and largely social body whose members regard Love and Friendship as being sacred. The Club is divided into regional groups called 'Chapters' which meet for the purpose of continuing the oral traditions of the Club; to enjoy wine with good company, to dine together when possible, and to engage the minds of all with our unique symbolism in an effort to comprehend the Mysteries of Life.

The Club charges no fees, has no degree rituals or initiation ceremonies, and requires no oaths, yet it is both demanding and enlightening according to one's commitment and dedication. All persons of full age and good heart are welcome to apply, we have no requirement to believe or disbelieve anything, all perspectives are equally true and all meet ultimately in the one Truth.

We make the art, architecture and traditions of the Club our material. The tools are the Symbols handed on from one Steward to another down through history to the present day. Complex ideas and rigorous mental disciplines co-exist alongside an apparently simple convivial atmosphere: To some a dining club, to others a deep study of the soul.

If you would be interested in coming along to one of our social gatherings, or just learning a little more about who we are, then please see our Contact Page.